HUE plus Uniswap equals HUEniswap! Am I right!? 😁

Today, I am thrilled to announce that HUE has been added to Uniswap. You can now swap between HUE, ETH, MBC, DAI and more! To easily execute a swap, visit the new Roll Social Money Exchange.

You'll first need to connect your Ethereum wallet and select the 'Swap' tab. From there you can select your 'Input' and 'Output' tokens and enter the amount you would like to swap. Finally, click the blue ‘Swap’ button and wait for the transaction to complete on the blockchain.

Using the Roll Exchange (or Uniswap) will require you to first have HUE inside your Web3 wallet (i.e. MetaMask). If you have HUE in your Roll account, you can simply send the tokens to your external wallet.

When using MetaMask, you can view the HUE inside your wallet by clicking 'Add Token' and selecting 'Custom Token'. On the 'Custom Token' screen you then need to add the HUE token address.

That address is: 0xdcfe18bc46f5a0cd0d3af0c2155d2bcb5ade2fc5

HUE on MetaMask

Once you have HUE in your wallet you're ready to swap.

HUEG Thanks!

This is a big milestone for HUE and I'd like to send my sincere appreciation to everyone who has been involved in this journey. Thank you to each and everyone who has supported me in making HUE what it is today. Special shout out to the Roll team for their great product, their continued commitment to creators, and of course, for coining the term HUEniswap :).

Thank you all.