Last week, I had a brief conversation on Twitter with Jesse Walden, a partner on the investment team at Andreessen Horowitz, regarding HUE utility.

Jesse wanted to know what he could do with his stash of HUE...

Much like Jesse, others have asked similar questions. So, in an effort to keep HUE Hodlers updated on the token's utility, here is a shortlist of 3 things you can currently do with your HUE.

1️⃣ You can use HUE to redeem Rewards on Roll. Roll is a social money platform that allows you to use the HUE you've earned to redeem exclusive offers (like sponsorship, rare NFTs and VR experiences).

2️⃣ Use your HUE on the largest marketplace for Crypto-Collectibles, OpenSea. Currently, HUE is accepted for buying, selling and bidding on CODI (ConnieDigital) collectibles, DANKY (Danky) collectibles, Colorglyphs (☲) collectibles, and n0q (n0shot Quests) collectibles.

3️⃣ Tip any Discord user. Add the tip bot to your Discord Server and start rewarding others with HUE.

But this is just the beginning. I have aspirations to expand the utility of HUE beyond today's current use cases. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can message me on Twitter or via email.

Stay tuned and HODL HUE.