So... I'm doubling-down on token-gated access AXXESS. Read my article Another NFT Use Case: Access as Utility for a more detailed understanding.

The plan is to create more private content that is only AXXESSible to HUE token holders, or NFT holders. To implement this, I put together an AXXESS Page that displays links to both public and private content.

To start, I've included a private interview that is only AXXESSible to people holding 1000 HUE in their MetaMask wallet, as well as, an unreleased song that is only AXXESSible to people holding 500 HUE.

👉 Content is AXXESSible at:

LIVE Show Announcement

Bullish or Bearish with DIGITAL MAiWORLD

Beginning Thursday, May 13th, I will be co-hosting a live show in the world's leading NFT forum and community hub, the TokenSmart Discord Server.

The show, Bullish or Bearish with DIGITAL MAiWORLD, will take place every Thursday at 7:30pm EST in Discord and feature a discussion between myself and MAiWORLD regarding our sentiments on various Web3 topics.

We invite you to join our weekly discussion!

NFT Giveaway

Async Music Token Jukebox Limited Edition NFT Records

Finally, as mentioned in Newsletter #71, I am giving away a handful of Silver Limited Edition Records as a 'thank you' to some of my earliest supporters. This means you'll be able to record and mint an NFT of your favorite Token Jukebox variation.


  1. To be eligible for the giveaway you must already have an hueman.eth address.
  2. Every hueman.eth address will be entered into a random name picker.
  3. Each week, one address will be chosen at random as the giveaway winner.
  4. I will send a Silver Blank Record to the winning address.

There will be 10 winners in total.

Winners will be first announced on Bullish or Bearish with DIGITAL MAiWORLD.

Learn about Limited Edition Records