My first-ever 3D artwork!

If you've been paying attention to crypto for the last week then you know that UNI, the Uniswap Protocol token, has been all the rage! Thankful for the UNI airdrop and inspired by all the excitement, I decided to create my first-ever 3D NFT with Uniswap in mind. Check it out...

Edition Size: 1 of 1
Contract: DIGITAL Collectibles
TokenID: #26

Listed for sale on OpenSea

Other Happenings

  1. I'm working on my first true music video. #DontSleep
  2. "Hard Feelings" (REMIX) passed 500 plays on Audius.
  3. cassettes.crypto (my first decentralized website on IPFS) is live, but you'll need the Unstoppable Extension to access the site.
  4. I've been nominated for the "Best Web Monetized Digital Artist" award on Hacker Noon, and I'd greatly appreciate your support. Vote for me here