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Viral Glitch by Connie Digital

This single edition artwork is tokenized as a rare ERC721 NFT and is collectible using an Ethereum wallet. Permanent record of authenticity and provenance are secured by blockchain technology.

Edition: 1 of 1
TokenID: 1043 BAE
Collection: Blockchain Art Exchange
Tokenized on Mar-16-2020

Viral Glitch by Connie Digital Blockchain Art Exchange
'Viral Glitch' has been graded A+ by Blockchain Art Exchange

About Blockchain Art Exchange

BAE is a Platform for Artist Premium Certified, Digital Art. Our artworks can be created from any artwork even scans of physical works to create Unique 1 of 1 digital prints. For this we have developed with a team of experts a grading system for scans of artworks and all digital art files based on objective metrics. https://opensea.io/category/blockchainartexchange-v2

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