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Social Token

HUE is a scarce social token (10 million tokens) on Ethereum.

Created in August 2019, HUE is one of oldest social tokens and is responsible for helping launch the social token category. HUE is also the first social token used to trade digital collectibles (NFTs).

HUE was originally created to show appreciation as a 'thank you' for community support. Similar to a loyalty point, supporters earn HUE for completing a variety of actions — including being a loyal newsletter subscriber.

Ways to use HUE

  1. Access private content [axxess.link/digital]
  2. Vote on proposals [snapshot.org/#/hueman.eth]
  3. Redeem rewards and services [app.tryroll.com/rewards/HUE]
  4. Swap, send and pool HUE [exchange.tryroll.com]
  5. Pool HUE/WETH and earn $BAL [pools.balancer.exchange]
  6. Send and receive tips on Discord [tip.cc]
  7. Buy, sell and bid on NFTs...

Last updated June 20, 2021