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What is danky.art?

The official home of blockchain-based digital artist, Connie Digital

Who is Connie Digital?

Connie Digital is a blockchain-based digital artist exploring the relationship between artistic expression, altered consciousness, color and motion in a variety of works. Originally a student of fashion and a painter, Connie blended his design skills and creativity with his experimental curiosity for technology, bringing about a perfect union of his two passions.

Connie’s evolution into freeze framing animations allowed him to introduce new elements to his work and extend the range of his talent. His use of a perpetually moving environment allows Connie to challenge the boundaries of form - utilizing color to tell stories and explore the layers of motion.

What is blockchain-based?

All artwork is tokenized as a rare ERC721 NFT.

Each piece is collectible using an Ethereum wallet (i.e. MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, etc), and available to buy/sale on Ethereum-based marketplaces.

Transparency, permanent record of authenticity and provenance are secured by blockchain technology.

ConnieDigital (CODI) Smart Contract Validation

Which smart contract?

Each artwork is tokenized on Connie's personal smart contract as a CODI (ConnieDigital) token.

Where to buy artworks?

Artworks can be purchased on Ethereum-based marketplaces like OpenSea. Use the COLLECT link on each artwork's detail page to navigate to the marketplace.

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