I'm honored to have contributed to the first Boomboxheads collab!

Boomboxheads Collectibles are limited edition NFTs by cryptoartist Godfrey Meyer III. Each NFT is cryptographically signed on the Ethereum blockchain, numbered, and come in an edition of 10 per drop.

For the Boomboxheads #2 drop, I collaborated with Godfrey, Vandal from DAO Records, and Mighty33 on a song titled “Gang Of Loot.” We even remotely filmed a VR music video for the release. Check it out...

Boomboxheads #2 have already sold out, but are still available to collect on the Rarible secondary marketplace. And because Rarible allows creators to lock content within NFTs, each collectible gives special access to a high quality recording of the song (including production stems) when purchased.

Learn more about Boomboxheads Collectibles at boomboxheads.com.