Today is the launch of Async Art (the first rare, programmable NFT art platform) and I'm happy and grateful to be a part of it!

As described on,

Asynchronous Art is an experimental art movement born out of the question “what does art look like when it can be programmed?” The latest advancement in the art space has been the ability to tokenize and sell art online using Ethereum. Although this has been an amazing first step, it still mimics how the physical world operates. What if art could evolve over time, react to it’s owners, or pull data from the outside world? It’s time to find out what’s possible when modern art takes full advantage of the digital medium.

To show off the capabilities of this new platform, 13 artists came together to collaborate on one epic, programmable artwork entitled "First Supper."

Artists include: Alotta Money, Blackboxdotart, Coldie, Connie Digital, Hackatao, Josie Bellini, Matt Kane, Mlibty, Rutger van der Tas, Shortcut, TwistedVacancy, VansDesign, and XCOPY.

First Supper

Master and Layers

Each Async artwork is comprised of a Master image and Layer images.

As an example, "First Supper" is a Master (1 of 1) artwork with 22 Layers (individual parts that make up the Master image). In this example, each Layer was created by a different artist. Both Masters and Layers are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain.

Once live on the platform, the Master NFT continually checks it’s Layer tokens and updates it’s look based on the Layer owners input. This means when a collector purchases a Layer they have the opportunity to influence the artists' work. 🤯


Layers are endowed with special abilities decided by the artist. When a collector changes something on a Layer the Master image will reflect this regardless of who owns it! 🤯

As an example, my Layer (Tape Snake - Layer 22) has the ability to change states and hue. This means the owner of the Tape Snake Layer token can choose to display the full color version of the artwork, a greyscale version, or adjust RBG. 🤯

A New Dawn

Honestly, the concept and execution of this project is mind-blowing!

From the technology that permits such a dynamic work of art; to the amazing group of artists who came together to create this game-changing NFT; I think the whole endeavor has been nothing short of extraordinary. HUEG shout out to the Async team!

I'm excited to watch this platform expand and evolve.