What a September! 

First, let me say "thank you!" Because of you, the launch of HUE and all the subsequent token drops have been a great success. I could not ask for a better community. You all rock! 😊

Over the last 3 weeks, HUE has showed up inside my virtual art gallery, inside the Crypto Corner Cafe, in my periodical newsletter, on Cent, on Twitter, and right here on danky.art within the blog, within collections, and within DankyBot.

Now it's time to take HUE one step further...

Today, I'm excited to announce that HUE has been integrated into OpenSea!

This means NFTs can now be listed in HUE and purchased in HUE. You can even make offers in HUE! 🤯🤯🤯

Check this out...

ConnieDigital Token 117 on OpenSea

This means that the HUE you earn from engaging with me has more utility. Not only can you use your HUE to redeem Rewards on Roll, but now your HUE can be used to shop on OpenSea!

A HUEG thank you goes out to both the Roll and OpenSea teams for believing in HUE and making this all possible. I am forever grateful.

Be the first...

Currently, TOKEN 117 is listed for 10,000 HUE. If you'd like to be the first person to collect an NFT with HUE on OpenSea, this is your chance.

To complete the purchase, I'd recommend first withdrawing the HUE from your Roll wallet to your Trust or MetaMask wallet. Then, use that wallet to complete the checkout on OpenSea.

Thanks again everyone! This has been a truly memorable month.