Your invited to the Metaverse Festival!

That’s right. It’s going down in Decentraland, October 21-24.

This music festival features 5 stages, Deadmau, and Paris Hilton for some reason.

Thanks to the Decentraland Foundation I was able to secure a stage for some NFT music pioneers. It's called SMASH STAGEa streaming video mashup of musicians from across the metaverse.

Shoutout to MAiWORLD and Mighty33 for helping produce this stage, and props to Franky Needles for bringing the vision to life! The stage build is inspired by the summer festivals where I grew up.


Expect some new music at SMASH STAGE!

Festival goers on 10/21 will get a first listen to my new EP, meta_ep. Because of course my verses have to play in the metaverse first.

Expect newsletter #82 next week with links and details.

Finally, thank you to everyone who decided to participate in all my madness. This whole thing came together in under a month! Beyond grateful.