We’re just over 3 weeks into 2022, and to be honest, fuck it.

Twenty-five days into January and my ETH wallet has been hacked, then hacked again, and then the crypto markets tanked. Happy New Year! 

From what I’ve gathered, it’s possible a hacker exploited open smart contract permissions.

It appears that when a platform is granted unlimited permissions to spend tokens, malicious actors are then able to control these tokens by using backdoors. So I’ve learned.

Here's an article.

Losing my digital assets is tough, but losing my digital identity... 😡

Imagine building a reputation, minting, and collecting under a primary address for years. Then imagine this address is also whitelisted and verified across many popular projects. Then imagine the airdrops.

Then imagine in 3 years this is compromised. Imagine no longer being able to operate with confidence from this address. Imagine what it means to begin anew.

Well, my 2019 address is compromised, and beginning anew is what I have to do. My continued participation in this digital renaissance requires that I start fresh.

So be it.