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"Holding" is my first song of 2020. Written and recorded by me with production from Noah Stone. "Holding" is also minted as a Collectible MP4 Song+Cover Art Limited Edition NFT. There will only ever be 50 editions of this first variant, and they are currently available on MakersPlace.


yeah, it's Digital

Perception perception, yeah

Perception perception

Perception perception


Living my life and learning my lessons

Lonely days and lonely nights

Me, myself, my higher myself yeah

Man I been through it, cannabis soothing

Accidents happen that’s none of my doing

Don’t hold me down, hold me up

Don’t hold me down, hold me up yeah

Pray that I get it right sooner than later

Pray that I get it right sooner than later



Just another day and night to fight the good fight to live the good life, yeah

Obstacle after obstacle

Still it's possible

Still unstoppable

Truth is optional

Bio weapons are diabolical, irresponsible

Markets volatile

Probably crash, phenomenal

Insiders making a whole lot of cash

Viruses made in the back of the lab

Then they go spreading all over the map

Gloves, mask, skullcap uh

Drugs, flask, bloodbath uh

Run for president in 40 meters

Win the race and run up on you with 40 glocks

Can’t afford the ops or the operation

No confrontation just 40 shots



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