The time has finally come! I’m happy to announce that I have deployed my new smart contract and have begun minting the first DIGITAL collectibles.

DIGITAL collectibles are NFTs created using the on-chain smart contract capabilities of InfiNFT. This means each DIGITAL collectible has its metadata stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain with permanent file storage on the Arweave blockchain, and IPFS. In short, these are among the most robust collectibles in the industry today. They are designed for the long-term and guarantee the collector indefinite, immutable content.

DIGITAL Collectibles on OpenSea

#DontBeAfraid UPDATE

Today, DIGITAL launches with special edition designer cassette tapes and the release of my latest song, “Don’t Be Afraid.” I could not be more excited!

Shout out to everyone who participated in the “Don’t Be Afraid” Summer 2020 NFT Pre-Sale. A total of $1300 was transacted ahead of today’s announcement. Thank you all! We even debuted at #10 on the OpenSea Art Rankings. 🔥

DIGITAL Collectibles The DBA Tape Connie Digital

If you reserved a DIGITAL collectible, you have already received your NFT today. The remaining NFTs in the collection are now listed for sale on OpenSea. Learn more about the song and The DBA Tape drop.