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The VX-1s were one of the very first NFT wearables minted on Cryptovoxels roughly 6 months ago. Since then, wearables have only become more popular, changing the entire feel of Cryptovoxels as we know it.

Created by digital craftsman and co-founder n0shot, VX-1s were born out of the aim to develop one of the most reputable NFT wearable brands in Cryptovoxels. That brand is called n0wear.

VX-1 "Atomic Grape" 1/5 Certificate

n0wear is all about experimenting with what it should look like to be a top-tier digital product. From high quality promotional materials, to absurd attention to detail, n0wear is truly setting itself apart.

If you jump into any live event in Cryptovoxels, you’re bound to see at least a few people sporting VX-1s. They’re pretty recognizable by their silhouette, as well as the “n0” insignia on the soles.

In total, there were 100 pairs of VX-1s sold.

Along with the shoes, each buyer also gets a unique NFT Certificate of Authenticity. These were made so that people have an individual number associated with their purchase. The certificates show a high quality render of their shoes, their unique number, and the total supply for that color variant.

The VX-2 Drop

After taking time to help launch, the world's the first rare, programmable art platform, n0shot is back with the follow-up to the VX-1s.

🔥 Make way for the VX-2s!

Here's a look at the collection.

VX-2 n0shot cryptovoxels wearables NFT

Along with the main line-up, there are also 3 Signature Editions.

Signatures are 1 of 3 variants that are created in collaboration with other known personalities in the NFT space. The VX-2s will feature editions from: myself, Josie Bellini and Lander


VX-2s can be viewed inside virtual reality at the n0wear shop within Cryptovoxels.