I have two quick updates to share.

#1. As you can see from the image above, danky.art was highlighted by the Coil.com team as one of their favorite web-monetized sites! 🥳 How cool is that!?

If you are unfamiliar with Web Monetization, it's basically a real-time payment stream and new monetization method for creators beyond subscriptions and advertisements. You can learn more at webmonetization.org.

HUE Social Token on Twitter Uniswap Roll

#2. It's now possible to track and trade HUE directly on Twitter. That's right!

Now, anytime someone tweets the tag $HUE, you can rollover the tag with your mouse to see a HUE chart with an option to Swap. 🥳 How cool is that!?

This feature is enabled using the Mask Chrome Extension.