My journey into crypto began back in 2013, but it wasn't until the launch of Cryptokitties and the advent of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in 2017 that I started to understand the potential of digital collectibles. Since then, I've been exploring the fascinating world of NFTs and in 2019 I decided to contribute to this revolution by tokenizing my creativity.

Along my NFT journey not only have I had the privilege to meet some amazing people, but I've also been able to participate in some fun events. Last year, I was lucky enough to attend the NFT.NYC conference, participate in CoinDesk's Consensus: Distributed conference, and enjoy dinner with the co-founders, The WIP Meetup leadership, and the CEO of Roll.


In addition to building great relationships, part of what makes this journey so fun is the history. Yes, making money is cool (granted this is Web3), but making history is cooler. Being able to innovate in the burgeoning NFT space has been a big driving force behind many of my decisions. With seemingly endless opportunities for digital collectibles, here's some of what I've been able to accomplish.

Five 1st Times

In August 2019 I launched my social token HUE as a way to show appreciation to my supporters (similar to a loyalty point). A month later, HUE was integrated into OpenSea (the world's largest marketplace for digital collectibles) as a form of payment. Shortly after, the first on-chain transaction of an NFT traded for a social token happened. Shout-out to Skeenee for sharing this moment with me!

Next, January 2020 kicked-off with an opportunity to collaborate with blockchain trading card game, Marble.Cards. Alongside NFT artists Matt Kane, Alotta Money, XCOPY and WGMeets, I participated in MarbleCards' first Artist Series of cards. I never thought I'd be part of a trading card game!

Then, the following month I had the privilege to work with artists Matt Kane, Alotta Money, XCOPY and 9 others as we helped launch and the world's first programmable artwork, First Supper. This moment will always be a highlight for me. I am truly honored to be a part of this groundbreaking story and I still hold Tape Snake (Layer 22) to this day.

In March 2020 I went onto drop NFT music in the form of the first tokenized Hip Hop track, Holding. As of this writing, over 30 editions of the song have been sold! The success of this release motivated me to drop another NFT song in the summer of 2020 in the form of a fully on-chain audio-reactive lyric video.

Fast-forward to 2021 and I partnered with social enterprise, Perpetual Altruism to auction-off the first-ever 3D Cryptograph. Cryptographs are NFTs uniquely programmed to support a charitable cause with each trade. Proceeds from the sale of my 3D Cryptograph went to support the mission of Black Girls Code.

Next Up...#6!

So, what comes next? Where else can I apply myself? What hasn't been done yet? These are some of the questions I ask myself. And thankfully, I recently received my answer! Stay tuned for my participation in a new innovation coming Q2 2021.